Summer’s Here!


On a wet Wednesday at the tail end of post-planning, two cartloads of books get loaded up and transferred from the classroom shelves, to the car, then to the house.


Summer officially begins when the last teachers’ meeting lets out. An hour later, I hop on the bike for a celebratory ride around town to visit potential Bibliobike stops (and forage for unseasonably early blackberries).

Kids are surprised to see a teacher on one of the first days of summer. Some run inside and grab their bikes to join me for a stretch. One former student named Carlos (a high school senior next year!) is at work, but his father invites me in for a rest and a cold drink of water. His mom is babysitting a handful of neighbors’ kids who fill the living room. I explain my plans for the summer and one girl’s eyes light up when she hears about books coming to her street. Storm clouds build, so I say goodbye and head home.

Listen to some songs from my Summer Bike playlist…

Omak Besar (Big Waves), by Tm Juke and The Jack Baker Trio

Subtle Frenzy, by Mucca Pazza

Western World Version, by Manasseh & Ras I

Forget Me Not, by St Germain

Words To That Effect, by Hint

Bikes as Art

Katy Beveridge creates zoetropes on bicycle spokes in the video above. According to Beveridge, the art looks “at how we distill human value into animation.”

PHOTO: Johnnyrandom

Johnnyrandom creates music with everyday objects. If bicycle sounds are familiar, you’ll appreciate Bespoken, a song created sans piano, drums, guitars or voice…

The Video

The Bibliobike video was shot and edited by Joanna Brooks on an unseasonably warm afternoon in late February. Music includes Japancakes’ Vocode-Inn, Dinosaur Jr.’s cover of Just Like Heaven and Maserati’s Show Me the Season.


Just Like Heaven

Show Me the Season

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