Kindred Goals

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When Leslie Hale reached out shortly after the video was posted, she noted that Books for Keeps and Bibliobike share similar goals of countering summer slide and providing literature to children who otherwise would have limited access. As the executive director of Books for Keeps since 2013, Leslie has extensive experience promoting literacy. She invited me to the warehouse to discuss a potential partnership.


Between now and the end of the school year, Books for Keeps will deliver 60,000 books to elementary schools in Clarke County. Sans shiny display cases, the annual event is somewhat similar to a book fair. The major differences are that every book is free and every child goes home that day with twelve self-selected books.


When asked how the nonprofit decides which schools to serve, Leslie said it’s based on free and reduced lunch percentages, but they are “in the process of trying to reach every school.”

Books for Keeps purchases new books at a significantly discounted rate from Scholastic and First Book, a nonprofit founded in 1992 to provide literature and learning materials to those in need. For used books, there are many drop-off points around town, including Allstate branches, churches and other local businesses. Click here for a complete list of locations and more information about Books for Keeps.


Books for Keeps’ employees and volunteers will take a much needed break following spring deliveries to schools. After that, Leslie offered to contribute books to the Bibliobike. A section of the cart will be reserved for books to be given away at each stop throughout the summer (like a Little Free Library on wheels). Thanks again to Leslie and everyone else who supports literacy!

One thought on “Kindred Goals

  1. Great news about your collaboration with Books for Keeps organization. Keep up the good work! Busy summer lies ahead…..


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