Bikeyface’s Bekka Wright

At the start of every school day, students meet a different morning message on the board that includes a creative image and music alongside the respective artists’ names. I discovered Bekka Wright’s Bikeyface series five years ago while searching for humorous cartoons related to cycling to share with the kids. During Morning Meeting, her illustrations spark lively conversations about crashes, college students with minimal driving experience behind the wheels of Fordasuaruses, bike etiquette and safety. This one always lights the DIY fire…

Rack-Mounted Bike Lane Maker

Bibliobike has reignited a fervor sparked back in 2003. Like Bekka Wright, Los Angeles was the unexpected setting of my reintroduction to biking. I pulled up roots that had been spreading throughout Athens since ’95 and followed someone across the country to a tiny apartment in Marina Del Rey. I bought a navy blue single speed beach cruiser with a basket on the front and spent a year surfing, waiting tables, reading and writing. In a sprawling city known for some of the worst traffic in the country, I drove less that year than I ever had before. Without intention, biking had become the default mode of transportation (when not riding a board of some sort). When I moved back to Georgia to teach and be closer to family, I automatically chose a place where I could bike just about everywhere I needed to go.

Hopefully, the Bibliobike will encourage kids and families throughout the community to consider getting out of their cars more often and begin shifting the transportation paradigm.

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